xPEPE on the XRP Ledger V2

xPEPE is a community driven project on the XRPL. Our 5,000 xPEPE NFT is the first collection of our generative art work on the XRPL. xPEPE will be minting our very first collection on Halloween of 2023 using our partner's marketplace; xrpnft.com. Our goal is to provide a decentralized, honest, and safe environment for the XRP community. We are a 100% community driven project and have been voting on future development plans by suggestions from within our community. We pride ourselves in involving our community in shaping every aspect of the project. We have distributed Pepe Cash to our xPEPE holders as a way for us to cast our votes on the XRPL blockchain to decide important decisions. We are currently working on our second collection in our generative art series Pixel X Pepes. PXP has been given to our xPEPE and Pepe Cash holders periodically for the last few months. It is still being distributed as according to our white paper and will be minted on XLS-20 shortly after xPEPE.

The xPEPE Projects

  • xPEPE - 5,000 - Generative xPEPE NFTs
  • PXP - 10,000 - Generative Pixel xPepe NFTs
  • Pepe Cash - 589 Billion - Voting, Rewards, xPEPE Economy Token

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