The xPEPE Projects

  • xPEPE - 5,000 - Generative xPEPE NFTs
  • PXP - 9,589 - Generative Pixel xPepe NFTs
  • Pepe Cash - 589 Billion - Rewards, xPEPE Economy Token
  • 3D xPepe Fren Passes - Voting, Exclusive Art Drops, Merch Discounts

xPEPE on the XRP Ledger

xPEPE is an exhilarating, community-powered project on the XRPL, showcasing 5,000 exquisitely crafted xPEPE NFTs as the trailblazing collection in our electrifying generative art series. In a historic moment on October 31, 2022, we triumphantly minted our xPEPEs the very instant XLS-20 burst into existence, solidifying them as some of the earliest NFT gems on the XRPL. xPEPE is a dynamic force committed to forging a decentralized, transparent, and secure haven for the thriving XRP community. We are a community-driven art project, brimming with enthusiasm, and we take immense pride in actively involving our community in shaping every facet of the sensational xPEPE journey. With the empowerment of a visionary voting system, employing coveted 3D xPEPE Fren Passes, our cherished xPEPE holders wield influential voices in pivotal decisions that steer the project's future direction. We're all about ensuring that every voice is not just heard but celebrated. So, leap aboard and become part of the xPEPE revolution! Our mission is to foster exhilaration, engagement, and camaraderie within our extraordinary community. Get ready for a spellbinding showcase of thrilling developments and captivating collections that are bound to leave you in awe.

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